Wednesday, July 4, 2012

rainy day but i stayed busy

we hardly get rain and today was one of those lucky days. i love how every time i wash my car it rains within 24 hours. i only wash it every 3 months because I'm lazy but i may have to do it more just to bring on the rain.

so i stayed in today and just crafted and crafted. i have been working on some custom orders and making a few things just for fun. heres some of it:
everything i make is taking a pastel turn. i love playing with fairy key inspired items. the big lollipops should be in my show in a few days. or sooner if you are interested in one. I'm just putting things off because about one third of the items in my shop are going to expire and when they do i will be releasing my newstuff. i just don't want there to be  product overload on people. i want people to be able to look at everything and not miss out on something or get bored. 

both the phone case above and the lollipops below are custom orders 

i know i posted these phone cases on my last post but i wanted to brag that all 3 sold within 2 hours of listing them. it was pretty awesome. i really wanted to keep them but i don't own an iPhone. so i think i will decorate a small jewelry box like these

go check out my shop sometime to see all the things i have to offer.