Wednesday, July 4, 2012

rainy day but i stayed busy

we hardly get rain and today was one of those lucky days. i love how every time i wash my car it rains within 24 hours. i only wash it every 3 months because I'm lazy but i may have to do it more just to bring on the rain.

so i stayed in today and just crafted and crafted. i have been working on some custom orders and making a few things just for fun. heres some of it:
everything i make is taking a pastel turn. i love playing with fairy key inspired items. the big lollipops should be in my show in a few days. or sooner if you are interested in one. I'm just putting things off because about one third of the items in my shop are going to expire and when they do i will be releasing my newstuff. i just don't want there to be  product overload on people. i want people to be able to look at everything and not miss out on something or get bored. 

both the phone case above and the lollipops below are custom orders 

i know i posted these phone cases on my last post but i wanted to brag that all 3 sold within 2 hours of listing them. it was pretty awesome. i really wanted to keep them but i don't own an iPhone. so i think i will decorate a small jewelry box like these

go check out my shop sometime to see all the things i have to offer.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

new cell phone charms in my shop

i have been busy today making new cell phone charms. i have bung-loads of supplies and I'm just going to start clearancing  out my stuff just to get it all gone. i have a new shipment coming in of supplies and i really don't have room for everything. these will be available in my shop for $2.50 each.

i think they are all cute what do you think?

Monday, June 25, 2012

shopping spree!

so today my boyfriend and I went on a shopping spree on the hunt for kawaii finds. and we actually lucked out. i found more than i thought i would but i couldn't buy it all. but i got quite a few things. i bought 2 of everything so i can keep one and sell the others. if you see anything you are interested in let me know. my favorite is the wand. i thought that was awesome!

this is a super cute sakura purse

this was the only one i could find its so cool!

some cute pencils and eraser and ruler

little notebook with teddy bear post it notes. 

kawaii kitty umbrella with pretty shining stars it looks vintage and the shop i found it in had a lot of vintage items

this umbrella looks very vintage, i actually had the same exact one when i was 4 and that was 20 years ago. it was awesome to find another one

cute little girls in kimonos, they can go on a key chain or a phone

heres the awesome wand i found they thought i was crazy as i ran around the shops with it

super huge shopping bag

this shows more detail of the purse

a super cute notebook
heres the inside of the notebook

i could not resist this awesome fan, it was 101 degrees outside today so i bought this to use as we shopped.

so that was my shopping spree, my boyfriend is such a great guy. like i said it was 101 outside and he stuck with me for 2 hours in the heat because i wasn't ready to leave. i tore every store apart. we finally left when i ran out of money haha. remember i bought 2 of everything except for the sakura card captor purse. they only had one ughhh. so if there is something you want i can put it up on my etsy for ya

Friday, June 22, 2012

a few new crafts

i have been making some new things for my etsy site I'm not going to show everything right now but there will be a lot of new stuff here soon. I'm just waiting for my other items to sell or expire. i just got my sewing machine back so i decided to start sewing again. I'm starting off easy with some coin purses and makeup bags and from there i will try to do purses and maybe even clothes. but we will see
thats my hard work. i measured, cut, and ironed enough fabric to make 50 coin purses
some of my supplies 


so thats a sneak peek of some of the new things i have coming to my shop. its been fun sewing. I'm kinda rusty but ill get better in no time. especially after sewing all those 50 coin purses and makeup bags. and i made a bunch of key chains and phone charms that look so cute when added to these. i put mine on a lanyard with a few key chains and everyone asks where i got it. its awesome because i made it. now you can get yours

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"wiggle your big toe..."

i decided to title this post after a quote from my favorite movie ever! KILL BILL
in the movie she has just been awakened from a 4 year coma. she knows she has to find the people who killed her friends, husband and unborn child. she has a huge list of things to do but after 4 years of not walking her legs have gone bad. so before she can start her huge ravishing rampage of revenge she must first wiggle her big toe.

thats where i am...i got beat up, i got kicked out of my house, I'm about to lose my car and i have no job or money. but i have plans, big plans but first i must start with the simplest step. i must get my GED. ughhh, i will be 25 in 6 months. i dropped out of high school 6 years ago and never went back to school. now here i am at the bottom trying to start over. i have big plans like going to school to be a child and adolescent psychologist, moving to az and working with my best friend and soon to be roommate. getting a new car. finally start working on tattoos, since i have all the supplies collecting dust. but before all that i must first get my GED. the only thing stopping right now is money but thats a poor excuse. so i am making the appointment to take one test at a time when i can afford them and soon i will be signed up for school and moving back to az and working nights and weekends with my best friend. and he offered to let me live with him and his girlfriend while i work and go to school. I'm excited.

i have been adding new stuff to my etsy account in hopes to make money to buy food and tampons with haha. i don't get any money from anyone and i still have to pay my insurance and put gas in my car and eat. this has been an awful month for my esty. not sure what is going on. i added new stuff and its not doing well. but i have to just keep trying. I'm adding new supplies since it seems supplies sell better than finished products but i don't make a good profit off supplies since there is so much competition. but i just gotta have faith. if you build it they will come. i am thankful for the success i have had but its hard when its going good and then stops. but you have to work hard to succeed. so i am crafting again after a long hiatus. heres a sneak peek

the last one is one of new phone cases where you can put any picture you want in the background. i chose a picture i took when a crazy squirrel got into my house and hid under my couch. you can see my available items on my etsy at: 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

NEW deco den phone cases....

i got my phone cases in yesterday and i decorated a few and it was so much fun i ordered more cases today. this is just a sneak peek of them. they aren't in my shop yet but they will be either tomorrow or sunday. I'm just too lazy right now. i have had a lot of custom orders on etsy and its taking up every minute i get to myself but its ok.

let me know what you think

i wanted to decorate more but i have been so busy the last two days with etsy orders and my car. I got pulled over the other day because my headlight was out and i had no idea. well my head light was out, my blinker was out and my tail lights mysteriously got broken. not sure how it happened but i had to fix all of them in the last to days to get it all legal before my court date! i have never been pulled over and the one time i do i get a court date. i know its nothing bad and they will drop everything once i prove i have all those things fixed. i didn't get a ticket so lets hope i don't get charged any fee's because i just spent all my money on car stuff. i spent $125 just on light bulbs, tail light units and coolant. but after doing all the work on my car i start to understand how men can do it. it's easy! i didn't have directions or anything and i figured it all out. and it was all tricky but i figured it out pretty well. i just hate that I'm too weak to get certain things like bolts and stuff that were on really tight haha
look at my pretty car :) not bad for my first car. it took me 4 years to save up for it but it was worth it. 
i just hate paying $100 for an oil change, ugh. see those tail lights? i installed them cuz I'm cool like that. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

new supplies, pizza, and bubbles

today was a good friday. My little brother had the day off from school so we hung out all day running around and being goofy. he insists on nina fighting which means he beats up on me till I yell at him to stop. I never fight him back because I'm 16 years older than him and he likes to think he is stronger than me. It is so stink in hot in my room. so whenever he comes in he strips down to his boxers. as you can see we are really goofy. i'm not even going to show how i was dressed.

 we ordered pizza and ate till we were sick, then my stepdad did get sick and went to the hospital. he is going through liver failure and still tries to eat pizza and every time he does he ends up in the hospital. while he was at the hospital i kept my brother entertained with bubbles.

my dogs were in a modeling mood today so i took some pics of them. they are such hams. one is a sheltie and the other one a chihuahua. the sheltie is named mia and the chihuahua is named oliver. we blew bubbles for over an hour and then ninja fought for another 2 hours.

it was a great lazy day. I also received 4 packages in the mail which was awesome. but now that I'm not getting any sales on etsy each package I receive gives me heart burn. oh well. things will pick up, i will make them pick up! even if instead of mugging people on the street i just force them to buy my stuff haha. i don't even wear jewelry and i have over 500 articles of jewelry. But i just have to have faith. I just got a bunch of ribbon in today so maybe i will make some makeup bags. i think those are the only handmade gifts i have given for christmas that family members actually request. everything else i make them is junk haha j/k

well its midnight so technically its not friday anymore but i will spend the night doing what i do every friday night, laying in bed watching ghost adventures all night till i get scared and make myself a drink. haha. and i will sleep on both sides of the bed and use all the pillows. Friday is the one night a week i spend without my boyfriend and i try to enjoy it but i usually start missing him by 3 am. but We need a break from each other even if its one night a week. i have to pluck my eyebrows, wax my lip, paint my toes, shave my legs and so on while he is gone. i have done 2 out of 4 so far haha. women aren't born perfect but don't tell him that!

Alright goodnight. thanks for reading, if anyone is actually reading this