Saturday, April 14, 2012

NEW deco den phone cases....

i got my phone cases in yesterday and i decorated a few and it was so much fun i ordered more cases today. this is just a sneak peek of them. they aren't in my shop yet but they will be either tomorrow or sunday. I'm just too lazy right now. i have had a lot of custom orders on etsy and its taking up every minute i get to myself but its ok.

let me know what you think

i wanted to decorate more but i have been so busy the last two days with etsy orders and my car. I got pulled over the other day because my headlight was out and i had no idea. well my head light was out, my blinker was out and my tail lights mysteriously got broken. not sure how it happened but i had to fix all of them in the last to days to get it all legal before my court date! i have never been pulled over and the one time i do i get a court date. i know its nothing bad and they will drop everything once i prove i have all those things fixed. i didn't get a ticket so lets hope i don't get charged any fee's because i just spent all my money on car stuff. i spent $125 just on light bulbs, tail light units and coolant. but after doing all the work on my car i start to understand how men can do it. it's easy! i didn't have directions or anything and i figured it all out. and it was all tricky but i figured it out pretty well. i just hate that I'm too weak to get certain things like bolts and stuff that were on really tight haha
look at my pretty car :) not bad for my first car. it took me 4 years to save up for it but it was worth it. 
i just hate paying $100 for an oil change, ugh. see those tail lights? i installed them cuz I'm cool like that. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

new supplies, pizza, and bubbles

today was a good friday. My little brother had the day off from school so we hung out all day running around and being goofy. he insists on nina fighting which means he beats up on me till I yell at him to stop. I never fight him back because I'm 16 years older than him and he likes to think he is stronger than me. It is so stink in hot in my room. so whenever he comes in he strips down to his boxers. as you can see we are really goofy. i'm not even going to show how i was dressed.

 we ordered pizza and ate till we were sick, then my stepdad did get sick and went to the hospital. he is going through liver failure and still tries to eat pizza and every time he does he ends up in the hospital. while he was at the hospital i kept my brother entertained with bubbles.

my dogs were in a modeling mood today so i took some pics of them. they are such hams. one is a sheltie and the other one a chihuahua. the sheltie is named mia and the chihuahua is named oliver. we blew bubbles for over an hour and then ninja fought for another 2 hours.

it was a great lazy day. I also received 4 packages in the mail which was awesome. but now that I'm not getting any sales on etsy each package I receive gives me heart burn. oh well. things will pick up, i will make them pick up! even if instead of mugging people on the street i just force them to buy my stuff haha. i don't even wear jewelry and i have over 500 articles of jewelry. But i just have to have faith. I just got a bunch of ribbon in today so maybe i will make some makeup bags. i think those are the only handmade gifts i have given for christmas that family members actually request. everything else i make them is junk haha j/k

well its midnight so technically its not friday anymore but i will spend the night doing what i do every friday night, laying in bed watching ghost adventures all night till i get scared and make myself a drink. haha. and i will sleep on both sides of the bed and use all the pillows. Friday is the one night a week i spend without my boyfriend and i try to enjoy it but i usually start missing him by 3 am. but We need a break from each other even if its one night a week. i have to pluck my eyebrows, wax my lip, paint my toes, shave my legs and so on while he is gone. i have done 2 out of 4 so far haha. women aren't born perfect but don't tell him that!

Alright goodnight. thanks for reading, if anyone is actually reading this

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drink! Drink! Drink...Drink some more...

so lately i have been so depressed. I just miss my friends in AZ so much. Its been a year and a half since i moved and i am going crazy. I try to keep in contact but none of them have phones, none of 

them check their face books ,none of them write back. i know they miss me. we just aren't big on phones. before i would get in the car and show up to their house and now i can't do that. I even had apartments with most of them at different times. We went through tattoos, piercings, parties, shows, bad haircuts, boys, girls, drunken nights, cashed bowls, cars, 1 million games of rummy, one night stands, weight losses, jobs, everything together. i have been friends with shelly (pictured above on right) since 3rd grade and her older sister Reneee since 4th grade  (pictured below on the right)
shelly and i spent so many days wondering around, eating popcorn and nachos so much i don't know how we never gained weight. we shared 2 apartments together and were sisters with different parents. Renee was my partner in crime. We partied together almost everyday for the year before i moved. we spent everyday at the pool or the pool hall. we had fun with the boys. many nights cuddling because i was scared of the dark. 
I met gravy (left) when i was 18. he was my bf at the times best friend. the second i met him i knew i would never meet anyone like him again. He is the nicest guy in the world. he can be an asshole when he drinks but i still love him. we had 2 apartments together. we went through brake ups and some of the best shows ever. 
Later i met jen (on the right) she was my ex boyfriends sister. he moved away but before he moved he introduced me to his sister. this chick is crazy and i love her. every friday night you could find us at the club getting wasted in the bathroom so we can save money for the cab ride home. we were always coming up with new ways to smoke ganja and get our tans on. i loved her michigan accent. to this day she is the only person i could sit on the phone with for long hours. when i moved i lost her number and she doesn't have a Facebook. i miss her so much
I have so many crazy memories of my friends. we definitely knew how to party. Maybe too much. i lost my beer belly and my scars have healed but now i feel its been way to long since i have spent time with them. on more than one occasion we would wake up with mohawks or dyed hair and not remember what happened. i was notorious for blacking out while drinking. if it weren't for my camera we would be lost. too much beer, pot, boys, summer heat, pizza, mosh pits, sleepless nights, but it was worth it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New stuff in my shop

Not much exciting happened today, I took my stepdad to the hospital and drove everyone around. Don't worry he's ok. he goes a lot. but any ways i put some things up in my shop so i will post them on here. go check them out if you like. i lowered all my prices so everything is either $5 or $10. nothing more nothing less. 


 sorry i am in a lazy mood today. hope you like my new stuff

Monday, April 2, 2012

So much pretty stuff today

I received 3 of my packages today, yay! its hard because i want to save a little bit of money but when ordering outside of the united states it takes forever because of customs and all that. I have so many little knick knacks i can't stop looking at them. i have hello kitties, tea cups, pandas, ice creams, my melody, and all kinds of other stuff! they should be up in my shop here soon. I will have all kinds of new items and supplies. i just have to come up with prices.

Also i think i have decided to stop using the post office by my house. I want to help out small business and its a mom and pop shop but they charge me almost twice as much as the big post office. with lower shipping charges i can lower it for my customers as well. currently i get charged $3.25 for every package i send plus the cost of the shipping envelope(.69 cents). I decided make my own and that brought my expenses down to .18 cents each and go with the big post office which charges $1.50-$1.99. i am getting my prices and shipping as low as possible to keep my customers happy which makes everyone happy!

also i decided to go to walgreens just to spend some money and i bought some cotton candy flavored ice cream. at $2 you can't pass it up! it is absolutely delicious and hard to stop eating it. and i bought some spring colored nail polishes. even though 2 of them were sally hansen they were on sale for $2 each and the wet N' wild was just .99 cents. they showed up so shiny! i hate buying light colors because they require like 3 coats and then a top coat to make it shine but with these it was 2 light coats and it was done and it dried pretty fast even though its not quick dry. my nails are ready for easter

just look at those colors! Yummmy. i am never going to the ice cream shops again. I'm just going to stock up on these. i will sacrifice my bikini body for this delicious stuff!

It was a lazy day i just wore jeans and a band shirt. But i did put makeup on. I can't wait to make stuff with my new supplies. I guess now that i have them it was worth the wait but it was such a looooong wait!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh what a day....

To start off this was my outfit today. i want to make it clear that i do not consider myself lolita, gyaru, or anything to that matter. I use inspiration from those wonderful styles in my own style. I basically wear anything that makes me look and feel sexy and does not show too much skin and my boyfriend likes it. Because lets face it, most men do not understand lolita or gyaru. Actually most fashion risks men do not understand or appreciate. so i just wear clothes i like that make my boyfriend drool. I wish i could walk around all day everyday in OTT lolita clothes from head to toe and just be a princess, but people would not understand. Also i am not self disciplined enough or wealthy enough to pull it off. it takes a real life princess to be OTT lolita. but i do love creating accessories for girls who wear the styles even just for special occasions. Or just any girl who likes unique jewelry.

So today was interesting, i had my cute outfit and i went to the mall with my brother, boyfriend, and his son. we walked around but i did not see anything i liked. I hate shopping at the mall because so many people buy the same outfits. when i lived in tempe AZ it was a nightly thing where you go to a party or a club and there are multiple girls with the exact same outfit.

so instead we went to an antique mall and i didn't see much but the last store we stopped into had a secret hidden treasure!!!!! the store had a lot of furniture and hidden behind some books was a.....


Then after that we went to go see a pig at a local farm have little piglets! it was so cute! i got lots of pictures

There were 8 little piglets born when we got there. i couldn't believe they were already eating and walking! they were so cute.

And then we met Robert the sweetest cow. He almost convinced me to give up meat.  its bound to happen sooner or later since i live in a house full of vegetarians and vegans.

Robert likes to give hugs as best he can. when you pet him he will wrap his head around your body and nestle you (and cover you in cow slime) It was the sweetest thing. And when you walk away he cries for you to come back. I don't think he knows he is a big cow, in his mind he is a baby.

So that was my day so far..its only 5:30 in the afternoon. I'm grateful for days like today.