Monday, June 25, 2012

shopping spree!

so today my boyfriend and I went on a shopping spree on the hunt for kawaii finds. and we actually lucked out. i found more than i thought i would but i couldn't buy it all. but i got quite a few things. i bought 2 of everything so i can keep one and sell the others. if you see anything you are interested in let me know. my favorite is the wand. i thought that was awesome!

this is a super cute sakura purse

this was the only one i could find its so cool!

some cute pencils and eraser and ruler

little notebook with teddy bear post it notes. 

kawaii kitty umbrella with pretty shining stars it looks vintage and the shop i found it in had a lot of vintage items

this umbrella looks very vintage, i actually had the same exact one when i was 4 and that was 20 years ago. it was awesome to find another one

cute little girls in kimonos, they can go on a key chain or a phone

heres the awesome wand i found they thought i was crazy as i ran around the shops with it

super huge shopping bag

this shows more detail of the purse

a super cute notebook
heres the inside of the notebook

i could not resist this awesome fan, it was 101 degrees outside today so i bought this to use as we shopped.

so that was my shopping spree, my boyfriend is such a great guy. like i said it was 101 outside and he stuck with me for 2 hours in the heat because i wasn't ready to leave. i tore every store apart. we finally left when i ran out of money haha. remember i bought 2 of everything except for the sakura card captor purse. they only had one ughhh. so if there is something you want i can put it up on my etsy for ya

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