Friday, June 22, 2012

a few new crafts

i have been making some new things for my etsy site I'm not going to show everything right now but there will be a lot of new stuff here soon. I'm just waiting for my other items to sell or expire. i just got my sewing machine back so i decided to start sewing again. I'm starting off easy with some coin purses and makeup bags and from there i will try to do purses and maybe even clothes. but we will see
thats my hard work. i measured, cut, and ironed enough fabric to make 50 coin purses
some of my supplies 


so thats a sneak peek of some of the new things i have coming to my shop. its been fun sewing. I'm kinda rusty but ill get better in no time. especially after sewing all those 50 coin purses and makeup bags. and i made a bunch of key chains and phone charms that look so cute when added to these. i put mine on a lanyard with a few key chains and everyone asks where i got it. its awesome because i made it. now you can get yours

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