Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"wiggle your big toe..."

i decided to title this post after a quote from my favorite movie ever! KILL BILL
in the movie she has just been awakened from a 4 year coma. she knows she has to find the people who killed her friends, husband and unborn child. she has a huge list of things to do but after 4 years of not walking her legs have gone bad. so before she can start her huge ravishing rampage of revenge she must first wiggle her big toe.

thats where i am...i got beat up, i got kicked out of my house, I'm about to lose my car and i have no job or money. but i have plans, big plans but first i must start with the simplest step. i must get my GED. ughhh, i will be 25 in 6 months. i dropped out of high school 6 years ago and never went back to school. now here i am at the bottom trying to start over. i have big plans like going to school to be a child and adolescent psychologist, moving to az and working with my best friend and soon to be roommate. getting a new car. finally start working on tattoos, since i have all the supplies collecting dust. but before all that i must first get my GED. the only thing stopping right now is money but thats a poor excuse. so i am making the appointment to take one test at a time when i can afford them and soon i will be signed up for school and moving back to az and working nights and weekends with my best friend. and he offered to let me live with him and his girlfriend while i work and go to school. I'm excited.

i have been adding new stuff to my etsy account in hopes to make money to buy food and tampons with haha. i don't get any money from anyone and i still have to pay my insurance and put gas in my car and eat. this has been an awful month for my esty. not sure what is going on. i added new stuff and its not doing well. but i have to just keep trying. I'm adding new supplies since it seems supplies sell better than finished products but i don't make a good profit off supplies since there is so much competition. but i just gotta have faith. if you build it they will come. i am thankful for the success i have had but its hard when its going good and then stops. but you have to work hard to succeed. so i am crafting again after a long hiatus. heres a sneak peek

the last one is one of new phone cases where you can put any picture you want in the background. i chose a picture i took when a crazy squirrel got into my house and hid under my couch. you can see my available items on my etsy at:

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  1. I love you analogy! (Is that the right word..I'm not sure ahaha) You give me a lot of motivation to go out and follow my dreams as well!! I've got a lot of plans for my life, but I just keep sitting around thinking about them instead of actually doing them. i use not having money an excuse as well! I'm glad to here that you are working toward your dreams and that you are staying positive! Your shop looks great i know sales will come! I love that phone case it's such a cool idea! I wish I had an Iphone! haha Good luck I hope everything works out for you Heather!! :)