Saturday, April 14, 2012

NEW deco den phone cases....

i got my phone cases in yesterday and i decorated a few and it was so much fun i ordered more cases today. this is just a sneak peek of them. they aren't in my shop yet but they will be either tomorrow or sunday. I'm just too lazy right now. i have had a lot of custom orders on etsy and its taking up every minute i get to myself but its ok.

let me know what you think

i wanted to decorate more but i have been so busy the last two days with etsy orders and my car. I got pulled over the other day because my headlight was out and i had no idea. well my head light was out, my blinker was out and my tail lights mysteriously got broken. not sure how it happened but i had to fix all of them in the last to days to get it all legal before my court date! i have never been pulled over and the one time i do i get a court date. i know its nothing bad and they will drop everything once i prove i have all those things fixed. i didn't get a ticket so lets hope i don't get charged any fee's because i just spent all my money on car stuff. i spent $125 just on light bulbs, tail light units and coolant. but after doing all the work on my car i start to understand how men can do it. it's easy! i didn't have directions or anything and i figured it all out. and it was all tricky but i figured it out pretty well. i just hate that I'm too weak to get certain things like bolts and stuff that were on really tight haha
look at my pretty car :) not bad for my first car. it took me 4 years to save up for it but it was worth it. 
i just hate paying $100 for an oil change, ugh. see those tail lights? i installed them cuz I'm cool like that. 


  1. Waah these are the cutest things I've ever seen! I love them! My tail light is out too..or so everyone keeps telling me! Gah I hope I don't get pulled over I can't afford a ticket! I should really get that taken care And wow your oil change is $100?! I used to freak out cuz the car i used to have cost me $50 for an oil change.. It doesn't sound so bad now :/

  2. thats the fun in owning a BMW. the tires are expensive, the oil changes require BMW oil and filters, it takes only supreme gas, i have to take it to a special mechanic and the windshield wipers cost $75!. i did not pick this out, my dad picked it out. He was out of the country and saw it on criagslist and told me it was a great deal. i didn't know anything about cars. if i could go back in time i would buy a little toyota.