Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm overrun with supplies!

so I have been blessed with a big room, big enough to do all my crafting in it. but now it has become overrun with supplies! everyone gives me their unused supplies which is great but now i have enough supplies to open a shop! in december i used all my birthday and christmas money and bought supplies and its been great because I'm just starting to get out of the hole i dug after spending all that money. i didn't realize how expensive it would be. 

It's nice because i have everything i could ever dream of but its a little overwhelming! right now i have a screen printer, sewing machine, embroidery machine, tattoo gun, computer, printer, scanner, camera....and all the things that come along with them. i just don't know where to start haha. so i started with jewelry. i had never made any before so i thought it would be a challenge. its been very expensive but fun. 

And guess what? more supplies came in today, stuff i ordered a month ago. thats exactly what i need, more stuff. but its all cute and girly. I'm gonna keep a few and sell the rest. i noticed no one really wants my finished products, they just want supplies. which is fine but its hard to make a profit. or even make it worth your time. but you have to go with what works. 

crafting would be funner if i had a friend to hang out with who was into crafting but i have realized that the people in this town are horrible horrible people. never have i met people so concerned about themselves. they are pushy, rude, liars, thieves, drug addicts, bad drivers, just mean mean people. i was born here but i left for 17 years and lived in Phoenix Arizona. but now I'm back at the border of texas and mexico. i can't wait to get out of here. after a year of living here i have not made one friend. i have been hurt by a lot of people and finally i decided to just hang out by myself and my henry (my teddy bear...dont laugh)


  1. awwww, I feel your pain on the no friends bit. I moved to Nebraska about 2 1/2 years ago, and even though the demographics are nice, but the people here in general suck! I had made a couple of friends here and there, but they ended up deserting me, so I said to hell with it someone truly genuine will come along and not take my kindness and generosity for weakness, (in person or even online) most of my greatest friends are all online...oh yeah and there are really bad drivers here too in Nebraska, some of the worst I have seen in my 29 years of existance...on another note! wow! I love your supplies! I know you have read my blog and are already aware that I too make jewelry, it's so much, yes a little expensive, but so worth it! if you decide to open up a shop (maybe on etsy?) I wish the best of luck to you! maybe we can trade our cute creations from time to time in the future when you are all established! You seem like you have very similiar style and aesthetics as I do! very refreshing to see that! hope you have a good day! oh and I snuggle with all kinds of stuffed animals, I even have a beanie baby collection (like 100 of them!) xoxo :) Lauren

  2. thank you, i just got your etsy message. ya i started my shop in december as a way to keep me occupied and pay for my craft supplies while i stay home with my step dad. I have never gone this long without working and its crazy. so crafting makes me feel like i have a job. i spend 8 hours a day, creating, researching, or advertising. but i can't get a job until things get better with my family. my mom is the only one who works and i stay home with my stepdad who is sick and waiting for a liver, and i have a brother who is always sick with this or that. so I'm the on call babysitter. I'm just lucky my etsy has picked up. i went from 2 sales a month to over 20. i wish the best to you too. i love your pillow creations. and your blog. i just hope to meet more people on here. i have nothing but times sometimes and i have no one to talk to. but I'm changing that