Thursday, March 29, 2012 another post real quick!

 I just finished shooting the new pics for my new ice cream necklaces today ($10 in my shop) i had so much fun i wanna make like 50 more. i will also have chocolate and vanilla soon. i'll wait till these ones sell. i have too much in my shop as it is. I still have like 650 finished products just collecting dust.

 I hope to get some fans and some new customers. I am pretty close with a few customers and it makes me feel like they are friends. i give everyone the "friend" price and i have gotten a lot of great feedback from people who started out as strangers and now we have chats just for fun. now i have a place to make "friends" and have chats and get feedback on new products. i would post deals and coupons but no one has time to check for that stuff so i made everything in my shop $10 or less. all day everyday first customers or people who have ordered multiple times. times are tough and its nice to get yourself little gifts here or there. and it makes my day making them. i can't work because i take care of my stepdad and it requires me to be available all day everyday at different times so i found a way to make a little money here or there. but i obviously can't afford a manicure ;)

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