Saturday, March 31, 2012

uugggh, its too hot!

Finally the heat has become unbearable. I live in a built on room away from A/C access and it has become a sauna. I spend all day in my underwear laying on my tile floor. The thing i really am bummed about is no more cute socks or beanies.
 Everyone who knows me, knows that i have a obsession with beanies and scarfs and also socks. I have more socks and panty hose than anything else. So summer is a bummer for me. I hate open toe shoes because i have ugly feet so i cover them in cute shoes. I wish i could just wear gloves everyday and cover my hands up too.

                              just a close up of my cute shoes
So last night the lottery was at 640 million, i never gamble but i like to pretend. I think its time i start gambling, i looked to my numerology book to find my lucky lotto numbers and the numbers i came up were were exactly the same (minus one) and in the exact same order they called them....i spent the rest of the night drinking wondering "what if..." i still can't believe the numbers i chose were the ones they called almost exactly.

But on a positive note i got a big order on etsy last night so it cheered me up. I love this customer because she buys all my finished cute stuff, no custom requests, no supplies, no clearance stuff. Just things i put a lot of love and thought into and she likes them just the way they are. EXCEPT i was missing one ring and am almost positive it was stolen by a family member who does not live with me. I can't trust anyone here. It was a cute panda ring and its gone! but i decided to load her with goodies not shown on my etsy. because i love them. 
 Heres a picture of the order, i just think it is all so cute. I will be sad to see it go but happy she has them
 Heres one of the free items i threw in to make up for the lost ring its a big cute gold necklace
 Heres one of the more popular items on my site, it is just so happy and cute!
Heres one of my handmade rilakkuma bear rings. the paint job is sloppy but its the best i could do 

these are a few of the hair pins i offer in my shop for $5. i think she cleaned me out of all the cute kawaii animals but i have plenty of material to make more upon request. She ordered the purple heart shaped pin with the cute cat and the big yellow circle shaped pin with the bunnies and cat. the round pink one with the teddy bear holding a lollipop i put in for free. I really hope she enjoys the order. 

well i guess thats all today, tomorrow i have a few things going on but tonight i will enjoy the night alone and do some  crafting. I have a whole list of things i want to finish and a whole other list of items i want to start. i think i have plenty of jewelry made, time to move on. 


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  1. Waah! I loove ur etsy shop u make the cutest stuff ever! Cant wait to see more posts!

  2. its sooooo hot here too! 90 degrees in nebraska this time of year is unheard of! i'm currently wearing a tank top! ugh! I want my 60 degrees back! hope you are having a great day!

  3. thank you mesh, i will be posting everyday since i have nothing better to do. i should actually go out and do stuff. or just sit at home and make tutorials haha

    lauren, i wore a skirt today. and i rarely wear skirts. i found this simple poofy skirt with a hint of lolita and i decided to wear it today. on the windiest day! on my ugly panty day! ahhh! i threw the skirt on last second and i was wearing a pair of briefs that i tye dyed underneath and i kept having to open up the trunk to my dads car to get his walker out and we went to like 3 places so i opened that trunk like 6 times and every time my skirt flew up but you have to hold the trunk open or it slams down on your head (its a stupid PT cruiser) i finally gave in and let everyone see my ugly undies. but it was nice wearing a skirt. its about 90 here also. its a nice change from the AZ heat i put up with for 17 years. you don't even sweat there because it dries up too fast and when you get home your hair and clothes are filled with salt from your dried sweat its awful! its only 10 degrees cooler here than phoenix but 10 degrees is a big difference.