Thursday, March 29, 2012

My first post!

I finally figured this thing out. I'm slow at things like that. my grandmother had a Facebook before me!
I decided to do a blog to get my name out there. I'm a jewelry maker and I'm just starting out trying to exploit myself out to make a quick buck. but hey aren't we all? 

a little about myself, I'm a hyper active girl with ADD i have no friends but i keep myself entertained. I have a wonderful boyfriend who has put up with my shenanigans for a year now. I have the coolest little brother who keeps me young. I dabble in photography, sewing, crocheting, tattooing, drawing, karate, ghost hunting, dancing, hula hooping, and much more. I Don't knit, bead, scrapbook, wash my hair, or wear flip flops. I'm just not into that stuff. huh

You are wondering why i went with heathen scum goes kawaii? well Heathen Scum is a term of endearment for me. my name is heather but i received the nick name from my friends who told me when I'm drunk my alter ego comes out "Heathen". Heathen is loud, happy, fun, adventurous, crazy. Sober I'm the complete opposite, i spend friday nights crocheting, i don't go out, I'm very quiet, almost to the point its uncomfortable for people. i have always had a dark comfortable style and it mainly consisted of beanies, baggy pants, band shirts, and no makeup. a few years ago i ditched my abusive boyfriend, lost 30 lbs and decided life is too short to be drab every day. now everything is going from black to pink! I'm still a tomboy but now I wear makeup sometimes and do my hair (or wear a wig) and now i know what all the hype is with hello kitty and kawaii. as a kid i never had a my little pony or hello kitty or lisa frank stuff. it was all black clothes, ghosts and aliens. i feel like I'm reliving everything i passed on as a kid at 24. 

if you have read til here thank you. i hope i can keep your attention for at least a few more posts.

If you want to see my jewelry check out my etys site:

its full of bright fun jewelry for people of all ages! 

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