Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh what a day....

To start off this was my outfit today. i want to make it clear that i do not consider myself lolita, gyaru, or anything to that matter. I use inspiration from those wonderful styles in my own style. I basically wear anything that makes me look and feel sexy and does not show too much skin and my boyfriend likes it. Because lets face it, most men do not understand lolita or gyaru. Actually most fashion risks men do not understand or appreciate. so i just wear clothes i like that make my boyfriend drool. I wish i could walk around all day everyday in OTT lolita clothes from head to toe and just be a princess, but people would not understand. Also i am not self disciplined enough or wealthy enough to pull it off. it takes a real life princess to be OTT lolita. but i do love creating accessories for girls who wear the styles even just for special occasions. Or just any girl who likes unique jewelry.

So today was interesting, i had my cute outfit and i went to the mall with my brother, boyfriend, and his son. we walked around but i did not see anything i liked. I hate shopping at the mall because so many people buy the same outfits. when i lived in tempe AZ it was a nightly thing where you go to a party or a club and there are multiple girls with the exact same outfit.

so instead we went to an antique mall and i didn't see much but the last store we stopped into had a secret hidden treasure!!!!! the store had a lot of furniture and hidden behind some books was a.....


Then after that we went to go see a pig at a local farm have little piglets! it was so cute! i got lots of pictures

There were 8 little piglets born when we got there. i couldn't believe they were already eating and walking! they were so cute.

And then we met Robert the sweetest cow. He almost convinced me to give up meat.  its bound to happen sooner or later since i live in a house full of vegetarians and vegans.

Robert likes to give hugs as best he can. when you pet him he will wrap his head around your body and nestle you (and cover you in cow slime) It was the sweetest thing. And when you walk away he cries for you to come back. I don't think he knows he is a big cow, in his mind he is a baby.

So that was my day so far..its only 5:30 in the afternoon. I'm grateful for days like today.

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