Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drink! Drink! Drink...Drink some more...

so lately i have been so depressed. I just miss my friends in AZ so much. Its been a year and a half since i moved and i am going crazy. I try to keep in contact but none of them have phones, none of 

them check their face books ,none of them write back. i know they miss me. we just aren't big on phones. before i would get in the car and show up to their house and now i can't do that. I even had apartments with most of them at different times. We went through tattoos, piercings, parties, shows, bad haircuts, boys, girls, drunken nights, cashed bowls, cars, 1 million games of rummy, one night stands, weight losses, jobs, everything together. i have been friends with shelly (pictured above on right) since 3rd grade and her older sister Reneee since 4th grade  (pictured below on the right)
shelly and i spent so many days wondering around, eating popcorn and nachos so much i don't know how we never gained weight. we shared 2 apartments together and were sisters with different parents. Renee was my partner in crime. We partied together almost everyday for the year before i moved. we spent everyday at the pool or the pool hall. we had fun with the boys. many nights cuddling because i was scared of the dark. 
I met gravy (left) when i was 18. he was my bf at the times best friend. the second i met him i knew i would never meet anyone like him again. He is the nicest guy in the world. he can be an asshole when he drinks but i still love him. we had 2 apartments together. we went through brake ups and some of the best shows ever. 
Later i met jen (on the right) she was my ex boyfriends sister. he moved away but before he moved he introduced me to his sister. this chick is crazy and i love her. every friday night you could find us at the club getting wasted in the bathroom so we can save money for the cab ride home. we were always coming up with new ways to smoke ganja and get our tans on. i loved her michigan accent. to this day she is the only person i could sit on the phone with for long hours. when i moved i lost her number and she doesn't have a Facebook. i miss her so much
I have so many crazy memories of my friends. we definitely knew how to party. Maybe too much. i lost my beer belly and my scars have healed but now i feel its been way to long since i have spent time with them. on more than one occasion we would wake up with mohawks or dyed hair and not remember what happened. i was notorious for blacking out while drinking. if it weren't for my camera we would be lost. too much beer, pot, boys, summer heat, pizza, mosh pits, sleepless nights, but it was worth it.


  1. what an awesome post, really struck home with me, I miss my group of old friends too, what's sad on my part is my old friends now all have kids, and they can't seem to relate to me vise versa anymore since I cannot bear my friends with kids see me as a wild lady still goin out to bars, clubbin, sleeping past noon, partying all night, and naturally they don't want a part of that anymore, I am married and all, and my hubby is a wild spirit like I am, but we just can't find the friends that relate to us....(sigh) you have the best photos of old friends ever!

  2. those are just the photos i can show haha. Its crazy because everyone has kids now a days and none of my friends have any and either do i. I guess we like to act our age. everyone else is just trying to grow up too fast. I'm holding onto my youth as long as i can.