Friday, April 6, 2012

new supplies, pizza, and bubbles

today was a good friday. My little brother had the day off from school so we hung out all day running around and being goofy. he insists on nina fighting which means he beats up on me till I yell at him to stop. I never fight him back because I'm 16 years older than him and he likes to think he is stronger than me. It is so stink in hot in my room. so whenever he comes in he strips down to his boxers. as you can see we are really goofy. i'm not even going to show how i was dressed.

 we ordered pizza and ate till we were sick, then my stepdad did get sick and went to the hospital. he is going through liver failure and still tries to eat pizza and every time he does he ends up in the hospital. while he was at the hospital i kept my brother entertained with bubbles.

my dogs were in a modeling mood today so i took some pics of them. they are such hams. one is a sheltie and the other one a chihuahua. the sheltie is named mia and the chihuahua is named oliver. we blew bubbles for over an hour and then ninja fought for another 2 hours.

it was a great lazy day. I also received 4 packages in the mail which was awesome. but now that I'm not getting any sales on etsy each package I receive gives me heart burn. oh well. things will pick up, i will make them pick up! even if instead of mugging people on the street i just force them to buy my stuff haha. i don't even wear jewelry and i have over 500 articles of jewelry. But i just have to have faith. I just got a bunch of ribbon in today so maybe i will make some makeup bags. i think those are the only handmade gifts i have given for christmas that family members actually request. everything else i make them is junk haha j/k

well its midnight so technically its not friday anymore but i will spend the night doing what i do every friday night, laying in bed watching ghost adventures all night till i get scared and make myself a drink. haha. and i will sleep on both sides of the bed and use all the pillows. Friday is the one night a week i spend without my boyfriend and i try to enjoy it but i usually start missing him by 3 am. but We need a break from each other even if its one night a week. i have to pluck my eyebrows, wax my lip, paint my toes, shave my legs and so on while he is gone. i have done 2 out of 4 so far haha. women aren't born perfect but don't tell him that!

Alright goodnight. thanks for reading, if anyone is actually reading this


  1. Im reading! haha Sounds like a pretty good day to me..I'm jealous I've been so busy lately! No time for laziness haha Those dogs are the cuuutest! It totally looks like the little chihuahua is posing for the camera lol

  2. awe thank you. its weird to write when you think no one is reading. haha

    ya my chihuahua will stand there and wait till i take the picture then he changes his pose haha. he is a natural. the sheltie won't sit still for a second.