Monday, April 2, 2012

So much pretty stuff today

I received 3 of my packages today, yay! its hard because i want to save a little bit of money but when ordering outside of the united states it takes forever because of customs and all that. I have so many little knick knacks i can't stop looking at them. i have hello kitties, tea cups, pandas, ice creams, my melody, and all kinds of other stuff! they should be up in my shop here soon. I will have all kinds of new items and supplies. i just have to come up with prices.

Also i think i have decided to stop using the post office by my house. I want to help out small business and its a mom and pop shop but they charge me almost twice as much as the big post office. with lower shipping charges i can lower it for my customers as well. currently i get charged $3.25 for every package i send plus the cost of the shipping envelope(.69 cents). I decided make my own and that brought my expenses down to .18 cents each and go with the big post office which charges $1.50-$1.99. i am getting my prices and shipping as low as possible to keep my customers happy which makes everyone happy!

also i decided to go to walgreens just to spend some money and i bought some cotton candy flavored ice cream. at $2 you can't pass it up! it is absolutely delicious and hard to stop eating it. and i bought some spring colored nail polishes. even though 2 of them were sally hansen they were on sale for $2 each and the wet N' wild was just .99 cents. they showed up so shiny! i hate buying light colors because they require like 3 coats and then a top coat to make it shine but with these it was 2 light coats and it was done and it dried pretty fast even though its not quick dry. my nails are ready for easter

just look at those colors! Yummmy. i am never going to the ice cream shops again. I'm just going to stock up on these. i will sacrifice my bikini body for this delicious stuff!

It was a lazy day i just wore jeans and a band shirt. But i did put makeup on. I can't wait to make stuff with my new supplies. I guess now that i have them it was worth the wait but it was such a looooong wait!


  1. Wow, that ice cream looks absolutely scrumptious.
    And the pastel colors of the nail polishes matches that mood
    I can't believe you found the sally hansen's for $2!
    What a steal!

  2. i know. i can never afford nice nail polish. and yes i consider sally hansen nice i won't even step foot into cosmetic counters at the mall on my budget. so i always buy cheap nail polish and its just awful. but i named my jewelry shop after my terrible nails, and my polish is always chipped haha. i am really loving this polish it looks like latex on my nails.